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Clay Sculpting for Beginners and Artists of All Ages

Sculpt-By-Numbers is passionate about cultivating and challenging the creative mind. To all the sculptors, art enthusiasts, model makers, painters and artists of all ages, we've created our products just for you! With our innovative sculpting kits, never before seen in the art market, you're finally able to have a great time with clay sculpting at home. Each one of our models contains all the tools and materials you need to complete your project. Our video guide will walk you through the creation of our Sculpt-By-Numbers™: Tyrannosaurus rex© model from beginning to end, with room to add any customizations you might want. You are the artist after all! Let your imagination go wild and enjoy the complexity that each kit presents.

Looking for a fun, educational gift? Model making for children and adults is a great way to relax and exercise your imaginative muscle. Take pride in the work of art you are sure to create! Whether you’re searching for a cool new art kit for kids or you want to take on a project yourself, our sculpting kits are for you! All of our kits are designed with safety in mind and are 100 percent nontoxic. Order today and get ready to create! We know you will love to Sculpt-By-Numbers™, 'A Work of Art Every Time!'©