Home of Sculpt-By-Numbers™

Amworth LLC is home to Sculpt-By-Numbers™ and takes its anagram name from Wortham, Texas, a small community 40 minutes NE of Waco. We are a family-owned art company and we specialize in model sculpting kits. We custom design, manufacture, package, and sell our products from right here in Texas. Our kits are all-inclusive, providing a unique armature which allows most anyone the ability to design and sculpt a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
‘A Work of Art Every Time!’©

We are currently offering Sculpt-By-Numbers™: The Tyrannosaurus rex©. The platen pieces are assembled in a numerically-sequential manner in order to construct the armature, or underframe. The T-rex armature may be posed as the artist wishes, then clayed and painted. This model is challenging and was designed with ages 13+ in mind. Even so, we have been pleasantly surprised by the skills of 10-year-olds, especially in the assembly of the armature. The application of clay and paint is usually indicative of a child’s age. However, to mom or dad, it is always a masterpiece. The kits make a wonderful gift for anyone who wants to enjoy quiet, peaceful, reflective time alone or with friends, parents, and grandparents. Take a look at our little ‘witty inventions’ and be inspired. We know you will love to Sculpt-By-Numbers™!

For Parents

Sculpting Therapy for Children and Teens

In our hurried, bustling world of modern technology, you will find Sculpt-By-Numbers™ to be the antithesis to hurry. Through sculpting, one is able to relax, think slowly, and turn inward for personal introspection. The calming benefits of art therapy, specifically sculpting, have been extensively documented throughout medical literature.

Through art therapy, children are able to make their thoughts and feelings known. As adults, we often talk to a therapist, pastor, or trusted friend when we have a problem. When a child is having a problem, they do not have the ability to express themselves with words, so often times it is difficult to talk. The use of sculpting as therapy builds a trusting relationship. Instead of focusing on what troubles the child, it allows the child to express their feelings in the present- as they play. This process allows a way for the child to reveal his/her problems for resolution. Working with clay could introduce a new skill for the child while providing an avenue for release as the clay is calming. Often, a hidden artistic talent is revealed during the process. Art therapy is indicated not only for children aged 3-12, but may also be utilized for adolescents and adults.

The utilization of art therapy may address:

v Behavior problems: tantrums, meltdowns, aggression, bullying,
conflicts with parents, peers, and siblings
v Sadness and depression
v Refusal to go to school
v Withdrawal and isolation

v Anxiety

v Defiance and lying

v Anger and overall constant irritation

v Trauma including experiences with abuse, domestic violence,
witnessing a terrifying event

v Concerns with school behaviors such as interrupting others
and low academic performance

v Difficulty gaining or maintaining friendships
v Coping with a life-changing events such as divorce or death

Art Therapy interventions may help with:

v High Functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD

v Depression

v Anxiety Disorders including Separation Anxiety,
Social Anxiety and Phobias

v Oppositional Defiance Disorder

v Selective Mutism

v Reactive Attachment Disorder

v Mood Disorders

Research in Art Therapy Suggests that it may improve many aspects of a child's life including affective, interpersonal, academic and overall functioning. While the list is not all-encompassing, it is easy to see why an activity such as sculpting is ideal as therapy. To that end, Sculpt-By-Numbers™ is a wonderful and positive experience. Not only does it provide therapy, it also brings out the inner artist!